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I am Jamie Lyn Rosario AKA JRossBeauty,


Deciding to take a huge leap of faith because I realized the chance I needed was taking a risk of chasing the unknown and not risking never knowing what could be. I Entered the beauty industry in 2016 and it has been a passionate pursuit of finding balance between being a mother, friend, sister, daughter and now a Hair and Makeup Artist in Hollywood FL.


I have always had an interest in understanding the behind the scenes of the Hair and Makeup world. Picking up magazines in the grocery store was my favorite, flipping through the pages in amazement at how much more met the eye. I started experimenting with cutting and coloring my own hair, friends, and family at a younger age. As much fun as that was I wanted a long lasting career and to be trusted.


I knew I needed the fundamentals for a strong foundation and enrolled at Beauty Schools of America expanding my knowledge in this field. I also was able to start a mentorship that cultivated a structured commitment evolving my knowledge. Continuing education continues to be a big part of my success and drive. 

I am fully invested in my clients and believe in strong consultations because communication is powerful in helping to achieving your desired style. Whether it be a haircut, hair shaping, color, treatment, or just learning to understand your texture through proper shampoo,conditioning, and style products based on your individual needs. Healthy Hair that you can manage and style is my goal for you! 




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